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Skills Development

Sport Psychology and other skills development interventions

Sport Psychology

  • General: application of a screening test to determine whether the athlete’s vocational training should be academic or practical.
  • Personality / mental health profile: a screening test of the athlete’s general mental health. Athletes with risk-profiles will receive additional attention in those areas. This information will help the athlete, coach and significant others to have a better understanding of the athlete’s vulnerabilities and strengths.
  • Assessment of their rational and irrational cognitions in the context of endurance running.
  • Exposure to a specific programme aimed at developing performance-enhancing cognitions

Team Building and skills development

  • This module uses fun and interactive tasks to challenge participants and teach them how to work as a team with the aim of helping them develop as people and within in their sport.

Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

PR and Media Training

  • Introduction to Media
    This module will teach individuals how to deal with the media.
  • Using Social Media:
    Using social media can be beneficial for sports people to build their profile but there are also pitfalls that need to be avoided. This module will look at how they can maximize its benefits without running into trouble.
  • Interview Techniques:
    This module will give tips on how to impress employers on arrival and during interviews. It will include information on body language, dress code, popular questions and good responses.

Anti-Doping Education

  • Drug Free Sport: Education on anti-doping and a drug free environment is crucial for all elite sports people and their coaches. The SA Drug Free Sport Institute and their “I play fair” programme seeks to create a generation of sports people who understand the value of competing clean. This module will take participants through the general requirements, testing procedures and tackle some frequently asked questions and misunderstandings.


First of its kind on the continent, The SA Endurance Academy aims to become the most proficient distance running and endurance sports academy in Africa.  Together with its partners, Stellenbosch University (SU), the Stellenbosch Sports Academy (SSA) and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), the SA Endurance Academy offers a complete suite of services to support and professional manage world class distance runners.

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